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From the offices of: Robert Corrigan & Barry Joyce
Re: This Simple Business Nets Hundreds Of Dollars Per Month On Near Auto Pilot.


Are you tired of chasing all the push button riches that bombard your email inbox each day?
 Are you tired and frustrated of these products not delivering for you?
Would you actually like to start making money online?
And even better would you like to start making a profit online?

Introducing Profits From Prints 3.0! 

Sell Into A Smoking Hot Market Selling Prints Just Like These!

And These!

With just home computer, and a printer you can build your own profitable business selling prints that are in the Public Domain. This really is the ultimate startup business. You already have everything you need apart from an inexpensive supply of photo paper and that really is cheap as chips to buy. We show you the in demand artists, the hot markets and how to make even more cash from the same content. In Profits From Prints we are going to lift the lid on this entire business and show you exactly how we do it ourselves WITH NOTHING LEFT OUT.

So Ok Guys What Does This Course Cover?

Well here is the low down on just part of the content.

Where to obtain images.
How to effectively list on eBay and Etsy.
Image hosting and templates.
Printing your sales.
Dispatch your sales.
Selling on other platforms.
And much more! 

And That's Not All!!!

Get These Amazing Benefits When You Join
Profits From Prints

Here are just a few of the benefits you will enjoy as a member

Members Only Area

A brand new easy to use members area where you can access all the resources.

Exclusive Tutorials

15 tutorials that start with showing you the market place and take you hand in hand through the whole process.

Get Started Within Minutes

Yes you really can get started within minutes and build a complete portfolio of profitable products in just a few days

Private Support Group

A dedicated support desk should you need further advice and guidance

Leading Strategies

Showing you all the strategies that you can use to expand your business.

Facebook Group

Members Facebook group where you can share strategies and gain advice form other members.

And There's More! Our Great Bonus!

To give you a flying start we have included a bonus pack of images, a starter pack if you will, from some of the most sought after artists. Such as Warwick Goble, Jessie Wilcox,
Arthur Rackham and Cecil Adlin.

You Soon Could Get Results Just Like These!

Sell Your Products On Some Of The Biggest Platforms In The World

Over 187 million eBay users worldwide.

Over 96 million active Etsy buyers worldwide.

Amazon has over 310 million customers worldwide.

Here Are Your Questions Answered

Can anyone do this?

Question One

Yes, absolutely everyone can do this? You can do it part time from you're dining table or in the corner of a room anywhere you use your computer and printer. The whole setup takes no more space than you use now and there is no need to carry stock, just print when you make a sale.

Do I need any special equipment?

Question Two

No provided you have a printer that will do colour photo printing (that’s pretty much most of them) the only thing you then need is good quality photo paper and a stock of envelopes and we will show you the best places to go for the best deals.

How quickly can I start this business?

Question 3

In much less than a day! Just watch the videos (they are very short) and copy what you see. You could easily have the whole starter pack of images listed in just one day. The beauty of this business is the image sells the product so no long descriptions need to be written.

Where do I find more images?

Question Four

There are literally millions of images in the Public Domain that you can use, but if you don’t want to waste your time trying to find them and then get distracted by some cat video you found then we will show you the short cuts.

What is the Public Domain?

Question 5

The Public Domain literally has millions of images, books, recordings, sheet music and films whose copyright has expired, this means that you can legally resell, repurpose and repackage this content, it is 100% legal 100% ethical and 100% profit.

Is eBay the only market place for prints? 

Question 6

Absolutely not! Amazon has a thriving market as well as Etsy, we take a look at these, but you can also setup your own e-commerce store (not as scary as it sounds!) and use eBay, Amazon and Etsy to drive traffic to this and reduce you fees. And there is also Facebook market place just ripe for the plunder where you can sell locally.Just a little bonus tip there!

Ok Rob & Barry I'm In But How Much Will This Cost Me?

Well We Wanted To Make This A No-Brainer So... How About

Well, Let's Call It $17 And It Comes With Our

PS - Don't waste money on nonsense get rich quick business opportunities. If you want a sensible and practical business that requires a little honest work, instead of another 'fortune without effort' scheme, this is it!

PPS - Remember home based businesses with low overheads are ideally placed for success during an economic downturn. Plus with this business there's no need to tie up money in stock purchases. You simply print your own, so you're never out of stock either!

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